Shaf Rasul exposes Samuel Leeds

Shaf Rasul goes undercover at Samuel Leeds Crash Course A former BBC Dragon went undercover at a Samuel Leeds Crash Course event to see what went on. Shaf Rasul took an undercover team to the course in Edinburgh and this is what he found. While he was there he got together with a young  Samuel Leeds’ Superfan, Rudy Boateng to show him how Due Diligence on Samuel’s companies revealed that he was worth nothing like what he claimed. The companies didn’t appear to have any real assets either. Samuel Leeds Ltd had £114,000 of assets, but was judged a high risk company for investors. Due diligence reveals his companies own only a couple of properties Samuel claims to be a … Read more

Samuel Leeds Deal Finding Extravaganza (DFE/NUYOMA) : Review

samuel leeds base at hilton hall near walsall

After waiting for what seemed like an age for the Samuel Leeds Deal Finding Extravaganza (DFE) since we first went on the Samuel Leeds Property Investors Crash Course in Manchester in February, we rocked up to Hilton Hall just outside of Walsall for the next stage on our property training, the Samuel Leeds Deal Finding Extravaganza and Never Use Your Own Money Again Courses. What a place to have a training session! Hilton Hall is set in it’s own grounds with lakes and untold prettiness (squirrels and other furry critters abound). I bet working there is an absolute treat. Samuel Leeds Deal Finding Extravaganza One of the first things we noticed was how many familiar faces we recognised from the earlier … Read more

Samuel Leeds Property Crash Course Review

Our experience of Samuel Leeds If you’ve been following me since I jacked in the day job you’ll know that one thing I’ve been hanging my hat on is property investing as a sure-fire way of trumping the banks for making an income. Meet the Landlords One thing you can never do too much of is research. The interweb is a dream for this, but sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees. Of course we watch all the property programmes on the telly as well, but realise they paint a rosy and very simplistic picture of what it takes to buy a house and make it work for you business-wise. There was a programme on last year … Read more

Training Manuals

Manuals from training I have personally done. I have archived them here for my own reference. Wealthy Affiliate Training, September 2018 Online Entrepreneur Certificate Affiliate Bootcamp From Samuel Leeds Property Training at Hilton Hall, May 2018 Samuel Leeds DFE Manual Samuel Leeds NUYOMA Manual  

Don’t get ripped off by a FURU

I’ve just posted this because I need to make my readers aware of something that is probably going to raise it’s head in the press over the next few weeks. It’s about property gurus who take thousands of pounds in fees in exchange for stuff you can really learn online for free. They effectively con people out of a lot of money, sometimes with tragic consequences. I’ve almost been taken in by fake property gurus in the past. They are very clever and manipulative and can easily con you out of tens of thousands of pounds if you don’t have your wits about you. They are known as Contrapreneurs. The Con Countdown Watch this video and see how many of … Read more

Should Property Gurus Be Trusted and Do you Learn Anything?

OK, I’m gonna put my second hat on. My property hat. As some of you will know, i’m a property investor as well as an online trainer and affiliate. In fact, this blog started off  mainly focused on Property. In this post I cover our property journey as well as our experience with self-styled property gurus and trainers. Some of it is great, some of it quite shocking. I was an ‘accidental landlord’ To recap, i’d become an ‘accidental landlord’ in 2014 when me and Debs moved to Durham City. I’d lived in my house (nothing flash, just a typical North East terraced affair) since 1996. It was a family house, it belonged to my grandparents from 1924 until they … Read more

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