Motivation !!!

“Go Get Em Tiger” – Motivation For Success #motivationforsuccess #gogetemtiger #eyeontheprize #dkomedia A motivational video to encourage you to keep your eye on the prize. You can live that laptop lifestyle by keeping focus and working methodically toward your goal. You can have the fine things in life too, but … Read more

legendary marketer v wealthy affiliate

Roope Kiuttu Compares Wealthy Affiliate v. Legendary Marketer

This is a video I particularly like. Roope (he’s from Finland) compares Wealthy Affiliate with Legendary Marketer. I like to feature other marketers videos on my blog as I think it gives an alternative perspective. Roope is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s top earners. Transcript Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer took … Read more

Shaf Rasul exposes Samuel Leeds

Shaf Rasul goes undercover at Samuel Leeds Crash Course A former BBC Dragon went undercover at a Samuel Leeds Crash Course event to see what went on. Shaf Rasul took an undercover team to the course in Edinburgh and this is what he found. While he was there he got … Read more

steven green the homeless millionaire

Steven Green – The Homeless Millionaire

Steven Green (The Homeless Millionaire) is a local property investor and business owner from Redcar who runs courses dealing with property strategies and also self improvement. He’s ex-Army and uses his skills to show that we can pretty much achieve anything by changing our attitude towards the situations we are … Read more