Rent to Rent Document Pack




A pack of documents to help you start up in Rent 2 Rent. These Documents originally came from a training course by a prominent Rent 2 Rent Mentor. The files can easily be adapted to suit your own company identity and can be used to secure contracts in your Rent 2 Rent business. The file is in ZIP format and includes the following documents:


Landlord Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

R2R Management Agreement – Draft (MS Word File)

R2R Management Agreement – Example (PDF File)

R2R Management Agreement Title Deed – Example (PDF File)

Market Comparison (MS Word File)

Marketing Letter to Landlords (Formal) (MS Word File)

Marketing Letter to Landlords (Informal) (MS Word File)

Example Newspaper Advert for R2R (PNG Graphic File)

R2R Knowledge Card (MS Word File)

Why Landlords Rent to Us (Benefits) (MS Word File)


Guarantor Document Template (MS Word File)

Guarantor Letter Email (MS Word File)

Professional AST – Room Only (PDF File)

Student AST – Whole House (PDF File)

Tenant Booking In Form (MS Word File)

Mind Map Diagrams

Mind Map – Deal Sourcing (PDF File)

Mind Map – HMO Furnishings (PDF File)

Mind Map – R2R Marketing (PDF File)


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