Shaf Rasul exposes Samuel Leeds

Shaf Rasul goes undercover at Samuel Leeds Crash Course

A former BBC Dragon went undercover at a Samuel Leeds Crash Course event to see what went on. Shaf Rasul took an undercover team to the course in Edinburgh and this is what he found.

While he was there he got together with a young  Samuel Leeds’ Superfan, Rudy Boateng to show him how Due Diligence on Samuel’s companies revealed that he was worth nothing like what he claimed. The companies didn’t appear to have any real assets either. Samuel Leeds Ltd had £114,000 of assets, but was judged a high risk company for investors.

Due diligence reveals his companies own only a couple of properties

Samuel claims to be a property investor and a multi-millionaire, but Shaf only managed to find evidence of 2 properties shown in his company accounts. Credit reports also showed the Samuel’s companies couldn’t even take out credit and were judged medium/high risk for anyone thinking of investing.

Here’s what the credit reports revealed about Samuel’s companies.

credit reports on samuel leeds companies

Here’s the rather startling video and Shaf’s report.

Rudy was shocked and vows to warn others

When young Rudy was shown what Shaf had found, he expressed his shock and realised that Samuel was actually conning people and advised against investing any kind of money in Samuel’s companies. I was kind of shocked too, although i’ve had my suspicions for some time now.

Here’s part two

In this video, Shaf debunks Samuel’s claim that Lord Sugar ever mentored him, saying that he probably paid for the photograph (same with Richard Branson) . There’s a video by Lord Sugar himself saying he doesn’t know Samuel and has never mentored him, and even instructed his lawyers to stop Samuel making claims of association with him. There’ll be further videos to follow as Shaf releases them.

And Part three

More evidence from Shaf, who basically exposes some of the things Samuel said at his Edinburgh Crash Course as complete tosh. Rudy continues to buff himself up ready for his bout in the ring, with a knock down, drag out fight to come.

Part 4 Court Action Against Samuel Leeds!

Several students have now clubbed together to start a class action against Samuel Leeds using Jarman’s Solicitors. This video contains an interview Shaf did in which they explain what the action is about and how anyone who suffered loss at the hands of Samuel Leeds’ training can join in on the action. The interview discusses how ‘Piercing The Corporate Veil’ can be used where an individual hides behind a company name, and how they can still be sued in person if the allegations merit it.

What do you think?

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