Jan 2020 – Site Hosting and Maintenance

One of the great benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member is the fact you can host blogs and websites for other clients. This is one i’m hosting at the moment. They pay me for hosting and for keeping their domain in order, as well as managing their website, … Read more

Sept 2019 – Google Adsense Commission Paid

I hadn’t run Google Adsense ads on my sites for quite some time, but I re-introduced them recently. Google have a payment threshold they need you to reach before they’ll send you money. It’s about £60. Commission Paid £60.15

August 2019 Commission Paid

This commission was paid for money i’d earned during June 2019. Commission Paid £25.81

July 2019 – Amazon Commission

Here’s the details of my Amazon Commission from July 2019 Commission Paid

Jan 2019 – Amazon Commission Paid

Commission Paid

Jan 2019 – Website Hosting and Maintenance

This was my very first annual commission payment. I have built and host a website for a client that dates back to contacts I had when I was still working. The client updates their own website. I host it for them on my webspace and keep the software up to … Read more

July 2017 – Amazon Commission Paid

Commission Paid from Amazon