Outline of The Free Training at Wealthy Affiliate in 2020

Here’s What You Can Learn For Free At Wealthy Affiliate As you’ll know if you’ve followed this blog, i’m a flag waver for Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches you how to set up a business (or businesses) online from scratch. It’s training and an over-the-shoulder approach to it. Anyone can learn how to set up their own website online, build a little e-commerce store and start to sell their own products (as a vendor) or other people’s products (as an affiliate) online. The thing can be as big as you like, depending upon how much work you want to put in. Why am I telling you this? Because 3 years ago I was made redundant … Read more

4 Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog To Make Money

The Internet is littered with blogs. There’s probably well in excess of 200 million by now. Old, abandoned blogs that have run out of steam where the writer has run out of ideas. Amongst those millions of blogs are a few that really make money for their owners (maybe as little as 10% of all the blogs on the Internet). With such a high failure rate, it’s worth knowing a few cardinal rules before you start trying to make money from your own blog, to make sure you don’t fail too. Why do most blogs fail to make money? Mostly it is because the writer’s approach to blogging is all wrong. To ensure your blog is successful you need to … Read more

The beginning of my journey to make $5,000 per month online

Yes that’s right, two months ago I set myself a target of making $5,000 per month online. I’d hear people make the claim that it could be done, but I was always skeptical. However, after taking the training at Wealthy Affiliate, and reading a lot of stories from there documenting how people have done it already, I rapidly began to realise that my target wasn’t at all unrealistic. These were normal people, all over the World, fulfilling their dreams of quitting their jobs and having more of their life to do what they wanted. What I did realise was that it ain’t gonna be just a pleasure cruise, but a lot of hard work is going to be needed to … Read more

17 Blogs that will help YOU make money blogging

Shoe Money shoemoney.com I help you blog ihelpyoublog.com John Chow johnchow.com Daily Blog Tips dailyblogtips.com Problogger.com problogger.com Lorelle on WordPress lorelle.wordpress.com Incomediary.com incomediary.com Blogtrepreneur blogtrepreneur.com Successful Blog successful-blog.com Blog About Your Blog blogaboutyourblog.com Entrepreneurs-Journey entrepreneurs-journey.com Quick Online Tips quickonlinetips.com Internet Marketing for Mommies internetmarketingformommies.com Chris Brogan chrisbrogan.com Lip-Sticking lipsticking.com Carl Ocab carlocab.com Bash Bosh bashbosh.com Acknowledgements to Get Rich Click/Marc Ostrofsky for the original list.  

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