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Oh, my…where do I begin…

Like many, I was searching; I knew I couldn’t keep scraping by and call it a living. And with the realization that I was NOT a 9 to 5 person, finding a legitimate online business was the route I knew I needed to take. Interestingly enough, it was through reviewing an online real estate business, that I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate!

I like to use the term “newbie” because “ignorant’ just seems too harsh, lol. I knew nothing of affiliate marketing…nothing! SEO…quality content…developing traffic… My response: What’s that? But, regardless of my ignorant/newbie-like state, I felt right at home…and welcomed. It’s hard to accurately describe the connection I felt with people from all over the world, with some connections turning into genuine friendships.

Somehow, Kyle and Carson managed to successfully created an environment of “pay it forward”, wherein members don’t just seek help, they give it…and give it in abundance. At each and every bump, hiccup, a moment of doubt or uncertainty, there was a fellow WA member,extending a helping hand, often going beyond the norm, something that still astonishes me to this day.

It’s been a little over a year since I joined, and I can honestly say that I am more in love with this community, than I was when I started! Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about how to properly create and develop an online business, but I have also learned so much about myself and did things I never thought possible. Have I reached the financial success that I desire? No, not yet. But I have an unwavering faith that I am in the right business…with the right tools…at the right time…with the right mindset! Success has already happened!


I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 10 years and it has been amazing to watch the tools, training and community grow year after year. In parallel, my own online business has grown as a direct result of Wealthy Affiliate.

When I got started, I knew very little on how to effectively market products and services online as an affiliate. It was a very intimidating situation and lacked the personal confidence to learn how to get going with it.

But with the personal guidance of Kyle, Carson and the WA Community I was able to surpass my own inhibitions of failing and build an online business that makes consistent sales to the point where I no longer needed to work at a job.

Wealthy Affiliate is much more beyond internet marketing training and tools. It’s about having successful people that help you along the way, guide you and pick you up when you’ve fallen. I know this extensively because they were right beside me every step of the way – guiding me to success.

I am proud to say that the tables are now turned as I’m one of the members helping others succeed by guiding them along their journey to success.

A personal thank you to Kyle, Carson for constantly making Wealthy Affiliate a better place year after year and a heartfelt appreciation for changing my life for the better.

LazyBlogger (David)

In my 20 plus years working on the Internet, I have been involved with a number of online business that offers success online but was not able to deliver. some of these companies had died while others went on to close their doors and open under a different name taking all the money you have invested without notifying you. I have just had it when I came to the conclusion that all online businesses are scams.

I went on to search for a legitimate company online for years in order to walk away from my full-time job but was unable to find one up until now. I founded Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013, and I saw something that I have never seen before. They went on to teach me about Internet Marketing for free, and how to identify those online scam businesses.

My experience here is nothing but excellent, I have never been with a community of people who are so eager to help you succeed. The training is current and the support has surpassed all that I ever come across. The owners of the companies are so involved in the community, that it really wants you to press forward to reach your ultimate goals.

I am now making money with this company and building a business that would be around years to come. The only regret that I have, is not laying my eyes on this company years before. I just want to say thank you, Kyle and Carson, for offering me and my family the opportunity to make a lifestyle better for us.


Eric Cantu

What really won me over with Wealthy Affiliate was the opportunity to try out the platform free of charge. I had been looking for a training platform to learn about affiliate marketing and online business, but everywhere I looked the price tag was in hundreds and sometimes thousands. With Wealthy Affiliate, I could try out the platform first to see if I liked it, and as soon as I joined up, I realized this was the place for me. Each and every course lesson has a step by step video tutorial making this in-depth training easy to follow and just my speed. By day 2 I jumped in as a premium member for a fraction of what other platfroms cost and I never looked back.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is a very welcoming and helpful one. Soon, I was interactingwith and getting help from people just like myself. Everyone here has a common goal, and it makes this journey that much more enjoyable. As I’ve pushed forward with the training, it’s like my eyes have been opened to a complete new world. I’ve learned how to build a website from scratch, how to create quality content for it that my target audience will find, how to generate consistent traffic to my posts, and how to turn that traffic into revenue through affiliate marketing. I had no experience with building websites or affiliate marketing when I started, and now not even one year later I’m extremely proud to be the owner of a successful professional website that is getting great traffic and bringing in over $1000/month. In fact, this month it’s going to trigger $1500 to me in passive income and I couldn’t be happier.

With all the tools and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the mentorship, the live video classes, the course lineup, the live chat, the accessibility to incredible mentors, I can say with absolutely certainty that this is the best training and mentorship platform for building a successful business online, hands down.


I just want to say Thank You to the WA creators and community! To be honest, it has been a real life saver…

After having worked for Ad agencies for a number of years, I realized that I was only making someone else richer, and myself poorer. My boss was enjoying his yacht adventures every weekend, and I was working my butt off for entry level pay. I was not prepared to spend the rest of my life this way.

I joined WA and saw that the training made a lot of sense. I created a niche website following the training videos and virtual classrooms at WA. I worked on my niche site for about 4 months, fully trusting that it would work, even though I was not getting any traffic for what felt like ages. But having the support of the WA community helped, as they made me realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. After about the 5 month mark, my visitor count took off and I was making daily sales.

I have since created another niche site, fully knowing that it would work due to following WA’s up-to-date training. When I was about 6 months into the creation of the website, everything was moving along as expected, although the sales were still pretty low. At this point, I happened to go to a WordPress meetup in my area, and spoke with an experienced web designer who had already tried affiliate marketing and failed. I told him that my goal within the next couple of months was to make $500/month as an Amazon affiliate. He smirked and told me this was a pretty “lofty” goal. I secretly knew that it would work because I had received the proper training.

As expected, a couple of months later, I was making $500/month in passive income. Since then, my niche site has been growing and generating more income – enough that I will never work for anyone else again.

Thanks for everything WA! And I will always be a member!