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Looking at the various Making Money groups on Facebook, it’s clear that many people are looking to make money on the Internet, but they clearly don’t know how to do it, because they latch onto Get-Rich-Quick schemes. This isn’t Get-Rich-Quick, this is an A-Grade online business.

We have nearly 70 million people here in the UK and there are those who are looking to just learn about building a website for their hobby and those more entrepreneurial types who are interested in building a complete Wealthy Affiliate business training network. It is the latter i’m interested in here.

Do You Want To Be Part Of Wealthy Affiliate Mentor Network UK?

Wealthy Affiliate is an extremely well established training platform business in the USA, with some people making 4-figure sums per month from it, teaching other people how to be Digital Marketers. I want it to flourish more in the UK too, but we need more WA Mentors here to achieve this. The job is too big for me to tackle alone, but every area needs it’s own Digital Mentor if possible and I want to make that happen. I want the UK to have more representation at the all-expenses-paid Wealthy Affiliate Conference that takes place in Las Vegas each year.

Commission Details

What Criteria Do You Need To Satisfy?

  1. Your town/area should have 50,000-100,000 population

  2. You want to build a business online

  3. You want to teach others how to do the same

  4. You have commitment and dedication

If you think you meet these criteria and want to help me establish Wealthy Affiliate as the Prime, Go-to Training Site for Digital Marketing Education in the UK, I would love you to

Join me.

You may be completely new to Digital Marketing, or a seasoned regular, but you can add a potentially lucrative second income stream for yourself. Some people have actually quit their jobs and are full time Digital/Affiliate Marketers with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s perfectly possible.

Here’s my Business Card (click to join me)

How To Join Me As A Wealthy Affiliate UK Mentor

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member through the Special Link here. That will get you a hefty discount on your first month.

Drop me a message within the Wealthy Affiliate community on my profile letting me know you’ve signed up for Premium and where you’re from.

I’ll then add you to the Mentor page here, with a direct link to your Wealthy Affiliate profile (see below).

Current Wealthy Affiliate Mentors in The UK

As can be seen, there are a number of enterprising people who’ve taken up the opportunity so far and are already changing their own lives and other people’s here. If you live in a UK County that isn’t represented on this page, jump in quick and be the Mentor in your local area.

Berkshire SimonBorg

Buckinghamshire CristinaP

Derbyshire sgregcrx

Devon neilc, JonLake

Durham dkohara

Essex firstlearn, Roybretton

Hampshire AlanJE

Hertfordshire MikeAdkins

Kent CAtkin85, Mstewardit

Lincolnshire tvrob26

London sherman, Debs66, Agnes9303


Norfolk NigelTH, Linda103

North Yorks NatNiches

Northumberland TonyJS

Nottinghamshire DianeScorpio

Shropshire RichBrennan

Surrey Pan0s

Tyne and Wear YanFellow

West Midlands JohnCrossley

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