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From the Coffeezilla YouTube Channel Danny Butcher took Samuel Leeds course in early 2019. In October 2019 he unfortunately took his life after getting in crippling debt. His family is speaking out to get this industry regulated. Change Petition – https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliamen… If you’d like to donate to the Danny Butcher Foundation you can get in touch with them here: TheDannyButcherFoundation@gmail.com I’ve featured a lot of sad stories on this channel before: this is the most tragic I’ve ever heard. Wealth Seminars need to be regulated. They’re predatory. My own thoughts on Samuel Leeds  

Amazon Associates – Progress from 2019 to 2020

OK, it’s time to give an update on Amazon Associates. In 2019, I was really just starting out with Amazon Associates. After a slow start in the early part of the year, things picked up and with a strong month in December, the final total was 74 ordered items to a value of £2,596.73 and a commission of £146.49. Average order value came in at £35.10. Calculating this income monthly, it’s £12.21 a month. Alright, that doesn’t sound great, but it was just the start. Here’s the summary in graphical form for 2019. Zip forward a little to date, the end of June 2020 The growth continued into 2020. The January to June figures show a big increase in the … Read more

Eddy Salomon gives an overview of the Wealthy Affiliate interface

eddy salomon

Hey, you thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate? Don’t you dare do it until you watch my Wealthy Affiliate review where I reveal some of the dirty secrets that they try to hide. Hey, let me introduce myself my name is Eddie with a ‘y’. Yes the spelling is that serious and I run a website called workathomenoscams.com and I also run this YouTube channel, both of which are designed to help you make money online and avoid scams. I want you to be one of the first people to receive these new opportunities, so do that go ahead and click on that subscribe button and bell notification and hey if you’re interested in making passive income like you’ve seen I’ve made … Read more

Why Tony Robbins Believes Everyone Should Have a Coach

Tony Robbins: “I started out loving people. I just love people and I was, I hated suffering. I grew up in a really tough environment and err, my mom you know, I didn’t used to talk about it but I do today because it empowers people; my mom abused alcohol and prescription drugs and I’m the oldest and so it was, it was a rough time we’ll just put it that way, and so my only escape – I grew up in an environment that was very poor financially and emotionally, was books, and somewhere along the way I got this thought, ‘leaders are readers’. and since I had no mentors in the beginning, books were my mentors. I would … Read more

The Traffic Handbook Video Course

Traffic Handbook Video Course This video course consists of 10 videos which will help you create traffic and engagement for your website and business. Please watch them in order if you can (although of course you can watch them individually too). If you like the videos, please head over to my YouTube channel and Subscribe. Video 1 – 3 Platforms For Getting Traffic From Paid Ads Video 2 – 5 Strategies For Building A Bigger Email List Video 3 – 5 Tips For Using Instagram Hashtags For More Exposure Video 4 – 7 Types Of Content You Can Create For More Traffic Video 5 – 7 Ways To Generate More Traffic Today Video 6 – 10 Website Tweaks You Should … Read more

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [with no money or website]

This guy Stefan James is great. I would have stood up and presented to camera about the benefits of affiliate marketing and how to make money with it, but it wouldn’t be anything like as good, so i’ll just embed his video here and give him the hits and views. Sometimes it’s best to just let a master present. How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [with no money or website] Hey, what’s up life masters this is Stefan James from project life mastery. Inside this video I’m gonna share with you how you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing from scratch with no money whatsoever and no website. So if right now you don’t have any money to start a business with … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate

Hey what is going on guys? Welcome to this post and this is going to be a straight talk conversation as if we’re having this face-to-face, so I want you to take this very seriously and it’s not going to take that much time hopefully, but you never know. That said though you’re gonna want to pay close attention because I’m going to talk about how long it actually takes to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. This is an affiliate program, you can sit back and relax. I’ll tell you there’s a lot of people out there that get discouraged (and I’ve been that person) to where you get started on an affiliate program and a service and you’re wondering … Read more

How to Leverage Wealthy Affiliate Membership as an Entrepreneur

Building a Business at Wealthy Affiliate To approach Wealthy Affiliate as an Entrepreneur rather than a student, it is possible to leverage the system quite easily in your favour. Commissions are fat and the reality is that if you can promote as part of an already established business, it will be very easy to add another income stream as a WA affiliate. What is Return on Investment? Return on investment (ROI) is a financial ratio used to calculate the benefit an investor will receive in relation to their investment cost. It is most commonly measured as net income divided by the original capital cost of the investment. The higher the ratio, the greater the benefit earned. This page will break down the … Read more

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