Which niches are the most expensive to advertise in the UK?

Obviously, if you want to make money on the Internet, you need to pick a niche that has value. You don’t want to pick a niche where the unit value of items are only pennies because that would mean you’d have to shift units in their squillions to make decent profit. That would make you a very busy fool indeed. Do not choose too broad a niche This kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? If your chosen niche is too broad then the traffic within it will be enormous, but you’ll never be able to rank in it because …

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The Life Long Habit Rule : Turns Out Einstein was Right (again)

I recently came across this crazy article called ‘People who talk to themselves aren’t crazy. They’re actually geniuses. In the article, they pointed towards a couple of shocking studies by Swingley and Lupyan in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. They had two groups of people.  The first group they told without any instruction, look at this image and try and find the banana and they timed how long it took on average for that group to find the banana. Then they got the second group of people and told that group to talk to themselves by consistently repeating ‘banana, …

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Lock and Key Master Locksmiths

Lock and Key Centre Review : Everything for Your Property Security

I’ve included this post as a useful resource for fellow property investors. Sometimes it’s difficult to source specialist security gear at reasonable prices, so when I found this site I thought i’d like to bookmark it for myself and others. The Lock and Key Centre are one of the UK’s largest independent locksmith & security equipment companies established for over 15 years.  We have the most comprehensive range of door locks, euro cylinders, mortice locks, multipoint locks and padlocks available for next day delivery. There are nearly 3,000 products for sale altogether. Registered Master locksmiths trading for over 30 years, …

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scams schoolkids and scooters

The Property Training Industry 12 Months On – Still Swimming In Snake Oil

Financial Freedom Anyone? In February 2018 we decided that we’d go to see a property trainer who was offering a free ‘crash course’ as an introduction to property investment. We’d read Samuel Leeds’ book and it invited us to check him out so he could show us how easy if was to become ‘Financially Free’. 😉 By that point we’d already bought a couple of houses ourselves and had gone through the process. We knew it wasn’t simple, but we knew what it was about. We’d bought those houses by conventional Buy To Let (BTL) means and I had also …

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5 SMART Ways to Succeed at Goal Setting

Guest post by Daniel Laing Today’s Wisdom on a Wednesday’s post is on the topic of goal setting. This topic is important, as otherwise people can set themselves unrealistic targets which give them false hope. Then when they don’t meet that target, they can become downhearted and potentially depressed. To help people with setting realistic goals, aims and objectives a good guide to follow is the SMART principle. Which will be broken down below to help. S: Specific For the goal to be achievable, it has to be detailed and very specific. This is so it isn’t waffly and is …

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return on investment calculator for property purchase, roi calculator for property purchase

Return on Investment Calculator (ROI) for Real Estate

A little ROI (Return on Investment) calculator so my property investment friends can calculate the prospective return on investment of any BTL (Buy to Let) property investment they are interested in. Just enter the details of your prospective BTL property purchase into the boxes, then print out the results to keep if you like. None of the data you input is stored anywhere here, so your figures are confidential. ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator Please share the url with your friends. Return on Investment Resources

Wisdom on a Wednesday – Presentation and Pitching

Guest Post by Daniel Laing Today’s Wisdom on a Wednesday’s post is on the topic of presentations/pitching. The reason I have chosen this topic is to help people improve on their pitching. Additionally, it has also been chosen to help people become aware of what some of the dubious trainers do, so they don’t fall victim to them. Presentations are one of the few things where the audience focuses on how someone delivers it, as much as the content. Some dubious trainers take advantage of this and use it as a way to emotionally manipulate people and mislead them. Today …

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Why Most People Won’t Make The £5K A Month They Dream Of

OK, in this business of affiliate marketing and online adventures, I see hundreds of people from all over the World trying to get a business going online and the large majority of those people have a goal of around £5k per month for their online business. Some are even more ambitious than that, aiming for £10k+ a month. Whilst this sounds great,  it’s great to have goals and I actively encourage them, but many of those people lack the skills needed or the consistency of effort required to achieve this amount of money online regularly. There’s a very valid reason …

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Wisdom on a Wednesday – Market Research

Guest Post by Daniel Laing Welcome to the first Wisdom on a Wednesday. The first topic that is being covered is market research. This will be a bit of a long post, but hopefully it provides value for you. I have chosen market research first, as it is one of the first steps that you will do when deciding to launch your new business. As with market research, when done properly, helps you to decide if your business, property or strategy you are going to do is viable. Additionally doing something where the market doesn’t need or want it is …

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Small Businesses That Will Thrive During The COVID19 Global Crisis

Small Businesses That Will Thrive During The COVID19 Global Crisis While many small companies and businesses are feeling the the coronavirus pandemic financially, some others are seeing an increase in demand and new customers due to it. With the business landscape radically changed in the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of stories people are hearing concern businesses closing or laying off workers. However, there are some small businesses uniquely suited to the COVID-19 crisis and have seen an upsurge in demand because of it. There’s no reason to believe that any future pandemic will affect …

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wealthy affiliate review on youtube

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review A little video explaining how I got started in Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate after being made redundant from my job in 2016. It took me a couple of years before I found my eventual spiritual home. I now help people just like you to turn your dream into a reality. As Tony Robbins says “Success Leaves Clues”. You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate completely free, without obligation by clicking any of the links below. 01:40 Made Redundant 04:15 Joined Wealthy Affiliate 05:27 Advantages of An Affiliate Business 08:49 Wealthy Affiliate is My spiritual home …

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Are expensive training courses worth it?

Over the last year or so there’s been a proliferation of training courses that have sprung up on the internet, mainly in the Make Money Niches and The Property Niche. I offer my thoughts on this, how to approach the training and how to keep your wits about you when thinking about taking training to get the best value. I also discuss the training i’ve had success with personally and that i’d recommend. My Recommended Affiliate Training > https://dkohara.com/wealthy-affiliate-review-2020/ Build Chatbots for Profit > https://dkohara.com/conversiobot/ Clickbank University > https://dkohara.com/why-you-should-sell-your-own-digital-products-on-clickbank/ The Clickbank Directory > Clickbank Directory

The Truth About “Trading Gurus” From a Hedge Fund Manager

Is making money online with day trading reasonable in 2020? I had to put this up. It’s a great interview by coffeezilla with Patrick Boyle, who lifts the lid on the trading gurus operating in the money making market today. I really enjoyed the video and hope you will too. Patrick Boyle is a hedge fund manager at Palomar Fund, author, university professor and former investment banker with over a decade of experience. In this video we talk trading gurus, fake gurus, reasonable returns, the 2% delusion, Tim Sykes, Day Traders, Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond… PATRICK’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickBoyleOnFinance …

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Charlie Chaplin : As I began to love myself

This is Charlie Chaplin at age 26, photographed 100 years ago. It’s believed he wrote the poem below at age 70. I feel he pretty much said it all with this one… As I began to love myself, I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is Authenticity. As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody if I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though …

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How to Stick to Your Goals When the Obstacles Seem Impossible

Getting over the wall. Almost everyone knows the value of setting goals. Setting them, writing them down, and then marching toward their completion is the best and surest way to make progress, right? It doesn’t matter what your goals are, as long as they’re important to you, and let’s face it, if they weren’t important to you, you wouldn’t have made them goals in the first place, right? Problems arise, however, when you feel as though you’re not making any progress. Sometimes it feels as though every force in the universe is acting against you, trying to keep you from …

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How To Be A Super Affiliate

By having a cunning plan. Yes, you have to be like Baldrick. I have been an online blogger for some years now. I create content for several blogs with completely different content in each blog. I have this blog at dkohara.com, which is centred on money making opportunities. I also run a blog which deals with local weather at durhamweather.co.uk. The weather blog came first, but it wasn’t monetised back then. The two blogs couldn’t be further apart from a niche point of view. However, they have everything in common from an affiliate marketing point of view – I make …

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Getting Free Laser Targeted Traffic With Forum Marketing

Imagine being in a position to listen in on any conversations that your potential new customers are having.  You could easily find out what exactly they are struggling with (you need to if you want to provide them with a solution), how they feel about certain products they’ve bought and something else of incredible value. That something else of incredible value is knowing how to speak to the people in your market. You need to know who your customer is before you start. To do this, find user forums dedicated to the niche or product you are promoting. Spend some …

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You’re Kidding Me – I Have No Time To Start A Home Based Business

Are you a busy fool? Now, I don’t mean a fool in a derogatory way. You might not have heard the phrase before. A ‘busy fool’ is a person who always has no time to spare, does loads of work, but never seems to make any headway. He’s running to stand still essentially. This is because his time is chaotic, with no structure. We all lead busy lives these days and despite the fact that you might want to start a home based business, you think that you’ve no time to commit to it. Your available time is limited. But, …

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How to Start and Run a Paid Newsletter

The Easiest Way to Earn Recurring Payments The easiest method of all to earn recurring payments is by promoting affiliate products that charge the customer month after month, and pay you a percentage of that fee. But there are several drawbacks to going the affiliate route: You’re not building a name of your own You share in profits of your own sales You can’t get affiliates – or if you can, you only earn about 5% You have no control – the owner of the affiliate product you’re promoting can close the program, change the program, change the commission structure, …

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Cannubu CBD Oil Review

Can CBD Oil help my back pain? I’ve not really considered CBD Oil as a way of treating my dodgy back before (and knees), but I came across this rather funkily packaged product under the monicker of Cannubu so thought i’d give it a go and review what I found. In the UK, we seem to be the last to adopt new ideas. Certainly any mention of Cannabis over here and eyebrows are raised and curtains start to twitch. This CBD Oil is made in the UK. What is this CBD Oil? Isn’t it just a secret way of getting out …

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Motivation !!!

“Go Get Em Tiger” – Motivation For Success #motivationforsuccess #gogetemtiger #eyeontheprize #dkomedia A motivational video to encourage you to keep your eye on the prize. You can live that laptop lifestyle by keeping focus and working methodically toward your goal. You can have the fine things in life too, but you need to graft. This will help. A mood board if you like. Here’s some motivational quotes: “If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe”. — Abraham Lincoln “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. — Stephen Hawking “Leaders …

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Top 50 local citation sites for the UK

Top 50 local citation sites for the UK For SMBs it is vitally important to get listed on local business sites – whether that’s in your state, city, county, or town. Building this local search presence helps point customers your way when looking to search engines to find services near them. This list of the top 50 local citation sites and directories in the UK gives great insight to your local search needs.   Citation Site Domain Authority General / Niche Listing URL maps.apple.com 100 General Go to site thephonebook.bt.com 98 General Go to site facebook.com 95 General Go to …

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Does your hobby have business potential? Here’s how to tell

If you’re like most people, you have at least one hobby that keeps you busy and helps you stay entertained outside of working hours. You might practice woodworking, paint abstract art, improve your flexibility with yoga or chart the patterns of stars in the night sky. With your entrepreneurial mindset, it’s tempting to think that there’s some way to make money from this hobby, in addition to bringing you personal enjoyment. But does your hobby really have business potential? You might be surprised to learn the answer. Monetization options For a business to be successful, it needs to have a way …

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