How ‘Littlemama’ became a Super Wealthy Affiliate in less than two years

In normal everyday life, if I started mentioning Grace aka ‘Littlemama’ and saying how she’s a huge inspiration to me, you’d probably say ‘Who????’. If you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Network, you’ll know exactly who I mean. A little about Littlemama (Grace) Grace is a diminutive, impish mum of two girls from the USA, who joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform in September 2016 with the intention of making money online from an affiliate income. By August 2018 she became a Super Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate and an Ambassador for the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Her success took her to Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Conference in January 2019 along with the other Super Affiliates who met the … Read more

Supra C500 Keysafe Review : Authorised by the UK Police

Review of The Supra C500 Keysafe The Supra C500 Keysafe cannot be described as the bonniest secure keysafe in the World, but it is highly rated in it’s price range as one of the most secure keysafes, and comes endorsed by the Police themselves. Keysafes are becoming more common these days, particularly in properties that operate as Serviced Accommodation, where people need to let themselves in, and also where an emergency key needs to be available to care services, for example where elderly people are still living in their own homes. The basic unit is a flip down safe, with combination buttons down the front, and a weatherproof cover to keep it all dry and hidden. This system also makes … Read more

The Continued Persecution of UK Landlords

How the establishment are Demonising good people I began my ‘career’ as a landlord completely accidentally. I lived in my house for 18 years before moving on. It previously belonged to my sister and prior to that, my grandparents. I didn’t want to sell the house because of it’s emotional ties, so ended up renting it out (I knew nothing at the time about being a landlord). In 2014, we were all still recoving from the crash of 2008-2009. Many people bought houses at the height of the market and were now finding that their asset was worth a huge chunk less than they’d paid, thanks to greedy bankers and BS lending practices. I was lucky in that respect, but … Read more

Exacta Weather Rubbish | How James Madden tries to con the British Public

Exacta Weather think they can forecast the weather: they can’t Over the years of weather watching, it’s become apparent that there a lot of folks out there who’ve taken a stab at weather forecasting. One of the first who came onto the scene was Bill Foggitt, a local (farmer?) from North Yorkshire who made his forecasts by watching nature and writing a little column for a local newspaper. He didn’t try to make any money from it and just enjoyed talking weather with people. He was a local character. Everyone loved Bill. Since the internet came along, weather forecasting has exploded. There’s a plethora of info out there for people to reference. I first got into it while I was … Read more

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Career, even at 40 and 50 years old.

  Changing careers at 40 or 50 by retraining The article above was just published recently in a local newspaper that I read daily. The headline is correct – it IS never too late to change your career, and the suggestions are workable. Retraining and changing careers at 40, 50 or older isn’t as daunting as it used to be. The generation that lost their jobs of work in the late 1980s are very different from the 40 and 50 year olds today. The world has changed so much in that time. Mobile phones didn’t exist in the late 80’s (well, except as bricks). The internet was just a fledgling idea and the super highway we know today hadn’t been … Read more

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