2 thoughts on “A Step By Step Guide – How To Create a Free Website and Earn Money From It”

  1. This is an interesting page describing the technology behind Wealthy Affiliate and is more appealing to me as I have struggled to build websites in the past.  I once had one that I started but the so called “free package” (Wix) was so restrictive that I soon lost confidence in it.  You make WA sound as if this is something I can trust while I get on with building my site.   You review of WA gives me confidence to explore it further. Thank you for explaining the benefits.

    • Hey great to hear from you Trevor!

      The simplicity of the Siterubix system makes it very easy to start, and that’s what most people actually fail to do – START!

      Until you do that, you’ll never make any money. All I try to show is an easy way to actually start up. The rest comes later. Once you have started it’s all just a matter of building a steady amount of posts to attract organic visitors from Google. 

      Wealthy Affiliate keeps you focused and allows you to ask questions when you get stuck. Everyone does, but the help available allows you to solve the problems as you go on.

      I highly recommend it.



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