Amazon Associates – Progress from 2019 to 2020

OK, it’s time to give an update on Amazon Associates.

In 2019, I was really just starting out with Amazon Associates. After a slow start in the early part of the year, things picked up and with a strong month in December, the final total was 74 ordered items to a value of £2,596.73 and a commission of £146.49. Average order value came in at £35.10.

Calculating this income monthly, it’s £12.21 a month. Alright, that doesn’t sound great, but it was just the start. Here’s the summary in graphical form for 2019.

Zip forward a little to date, the end of June 2020

The growth continued into 2020. The January to June figures show a big increase in the orders to 152 to the end of June, with a shipped revenue of £7,280.97 and a commission of £424.17. Working this to an average monthly commission, it’s now £70.70. That’s a 579% growth on 2019, in just the first half of the year.

Now, this is just from one little website, Durham Weather.

The site is not surprisingly, a weather based one, with monthly reports and a shop attached, in which I sell weather related goods like weather stations and books. I’m now finding that i’m getting orders most days from this site and I have an average order value of £49.20, which is pretty good. I’ve sold nearly £7,300 worth of kit so far this year.

The increase in orders over the Spring period coincides with the Coronavirus lockdown, so many more people have been shopping online, although the types of items that people buy in the weather niche tend to be only bought online anyway, so the increase in traffic and orders is probably organic.

Amazon cut their affiliate commissions in the USA, but not the UK.

In April, Amazon drastically cut their affiliate commission rates on the US site, but to date the UK one hasn’t followed suit and the commission rates are still retained as they were. It remains to be seen what Amazon does here, but it is fair to say that I expect the UK rates to fall in line with the US one eventually, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Please let me know below if you have any questions about Amazon Affiliate payments, or how you can get started earning from Amazon yourself.


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