Top 9 Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds

I don’t normally do guest posts, but this one seemed to be sensible and it’s a subject I need to learn more about, so I hope it’s helpful for you too. By Greg Thurston  Creator of 7 Minute Mindfulness Watching videos of centenarians, you start to see a theme: they … Read more

Downsize Dave (again)

Too big for my shirts Once again I find myself looking down and not liking what I see. My T-Shirt sizes have grown from Medium as a man in my 20’s to a portly XL now. This means i’m now about a couple of clem (2 stones) overweight. I actually … Read more

Being Buzz Lightyear

For about 3 years before I finished, I cycled to work. I decided that it was going to be good for my health. I bought myself a bike and chugged the six miles there and back every day; about 30 minutes each way. It was good to get out in … Read more