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If you are a business owner, you’ll be continually trying to keep plates spinning in the air. Stock management, accounts, dealing with customers, complaints, marketing, answering questions and even just running your shop eats into your time.

How are you supposed to cope with all that stuff?

On top of all of this, there are the ‘modern needs’ of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Directories (citations), Review sites like TripAdvisor, Google My Business, Yahoo, Facebook reviews …… the list goes on.

How are you supposed to keep your Online Presence in tip top condition?

It’s difficult right, but it matters more now than ever before. It all becomes a bit overwhelming and gets pushed to the background, but this is how people find you these days, so it’s still very important.

Your business name, address and phone number ( we call it NAP) can end up all over the Internet, with inconsistencies creeping in. You may not even know where you are listed.

You might also find that your reputation has been hit because someone has posted a bad review somewhere. How do you monitor all of these comment sites without it eating further into your time?

Your website position in Google changes all the time as your competition jockeys for space on Page 1. Do you know where your website ranks? If the rank starts to slide, would you know and do you know how to put it right?

Sample Overview Report

My SEO Agency helps you MAKES MORE MONEY by monitoring all of that stuff for you, alerting you when necessary and constantly improving and optimising your online footprint

Every month i’ll run reports for your business and identify your good points and weak points, informing you of any problems, and make moves to put things right. These will be sent to the email address of your choice. If you have a website, i’ll look at that for you as part of the reports, if you haven’t got one I can build one for you.

To see where you are now, just type your business name into the form below and run the Free report. It might surprise you!

After that, i’ll be in contact to discuss your results and if you’d like me to set up a continuous audit report schedule for your business and make sure that your online metrics are as good as they can be going forward. It makes sense to let someone else do all this stuff for you while you concentrate on running you business.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Comments section below.

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