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Okay, here we are about to start emerging from lockdown. We have been locked down for 12 weeks. Shops, pubs, businesses, museums, public spaces have all been closed. We haven’t been able to have meals out, go to concerts or go to sporting events like our beloved football. Folks are champing at the bit to get back to something like normal. On Monday 15th June, the government announced that non-essential shops would be able to open for business again.

Online, things have continued to roll.

Against a backdrop of deserted streets and sober public, in the background, the online part of business has continued to thrive.

Amazon and other online retailers have had their busiest periods ever. I personally have seen a massive rise in orders on my Amazon Associates account, breaking barriers I never thought I would get near for several more months yet.

I’d like to claim that I had the foresight that Covid-19 would shift things this way, but I can’t. I was fortunate enough to be working online and saw the benefits of the shift of business this way, but no-one could have forecast the way the pandemic has hit us, and how the spending habits of the public changed to compensate.

I’d decided that the online life was the one I wanted to lead and had already gone down the affiliate marketing path. I was in a perfect position though, to benefit from what happened. I am grateful that I was in the right place at the right time to see my slice of online sales go up.

What is going to happen next?

Well, nobody knows 100% for sure. As shops open up again, no doubt there’ll be tentative steps back to the High Street, but the spectre of social distancing will still loom large. Masks will be a feature of the High Street for the foreseeable future.

Over the last 3 months, people have been educated to be wary of each other. We’ve been prevented by law from doing things that makes humans human. Embracing, kissing and close contact between friends just hasn’t been possible. We’ve tried to keep in contact with friends and relatives, but strangers, people we don’t know, will give us diseases. We need to keep away from them. That is the new norm.


This really is a tragedy unfolding before our own eyes. All the love and warmth that the human race needs to thrive and live has been stripped away. Suspicion is the New Way. Until a vaccine is found and proved effective, we’ll be living with the knowledge that lurking in the background, if we let it, Covid-19 will ruin our lives.

What can we do about it? 

Whilst i’ve been locked down, I certainly haven’t been watching Netflix all day! How many of you have just zoned out though? How many have just done nothing for 12 weeks?

In essence, there’s been nothing wrong with chilling out for that time. People who normally experienced high stress at work will suddenly have had that stress lifted. Unfortunately though, people who could no longer operate their business and were faced with laying off staff will have experienced the opposite. The pressure could have been immense.

I’ve taken the time to keep working and learning. I’ve invested in some new software for my business and website and spent some time learning how to use it. I think it’s important to keep learning.

I’ve spent some time building my network and supporting the people i’m mentoring. That’s very important to me. When I first started doing this, my own mentor helped me and reassured me that the steps I was taking were the right ones. That’s what drove me on.

I’m now nearly two years down the road and as I said, I’m still learning.

But, Local Businesses Need Help

Away from the online ordering sphere, things aren’t so rosy. Looking at my own town (Durham), the dominoes are starting to fall. Businesses are closing, right, left and centre. From one street in the centre of town we’ve lost:

Marks & Spencers, Cotswold Outdoors, Pret a Manger, EE, Cafe Rouge, Top Man, Carphone Warehouse, Hotter, Psyche and 9 Altars Cafe to name but a few.

Meanwhile, the local council are building their own £50m vanity project to relocate County Hall. It all smacks of fiddling while Rome (or in this case Durham) burns.

I feel that as a local online ‘expert’ (I loathe to use the expression myself) as well as developing my online business, I need to be helping out in some way with local stuff.

What can I do for you?

One of the things that local businesses do is, they do the rudimentary bits of  local seo, like creating a Google My Business account, but then they don’t optimise it to get the best results. Here’s a startling fact:

That’s right, most local seo traffic for queries like ‘Hairdressers Durham’ or ‘Hairdressers Near Me’  doesn’t go anywhere near your website!

People will find you on Google My Business (GMB) first. Typing that query into Google will deliver this kind of result:

Well optimised GMB accounts will appear at the top of this list. These will be the first ones that get contacted by people looking for ‘Hairdressers in Durham’.

Some GMB records are created but unclaimed, or they have inconsistencies, for example they don’t have opening times, an address or correct phone number. There are loads of things that Google can mark you down for. There’s also a possibility that your unclaimed GMB account will be claimed by someone else, completely hijacking your online presence.

I can help you prevent that, and improve your online footprint

But, I can help to improve things for you. I’m a retired IT professional who has the expertise, but am not putting those skills to use for anyone but myself at the moment.

I can run some reports to find out how good or not-so-good your listing is, then work with you to make things better for you.

Because the Coronavirus still has us firmly at it’s mercy, i’m willing to provide this service free of charge for you.

I’m not going to take any money from anyone at the present time. I realise that money is tight and people are struggling, so I want to help people who would like it.

If you’d like to have me look at your GMB listing and see how it can be improved for you, head on over to my site at

Request a FREE report. I’ll take a look, compile and send you a comprehensive report, then we’ll take it from there to see how I can help you going forward.

I reapeat, I’ll compile your report completely Free and send it onto you and we can assess what to do next.

We can also build you a website and host it, manage it and allow further expansion and development. Just let us know.

Dave 👍

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