Mice in the walls | Strange complaints from tenants

Just had a bizarre email from one of my tenants via the letting agent about ‘mice in the walls’ (mental picture of little arches in the skirting boards like in Tom and Jerry). They’d noticed them downstairs, but now they’re noticing them upstairs they say. ?They say they’re worried about them gnawing through cables.

Now, i have zero experience with ‘mice in the walls’ so If anything like this happens to you, simply contact your local council and get them to send a pest controller out. My local council charge £40+ vat for unlimited visits and erradication.

I do however think this will be last I hear of this. The house is mid-terrace, cavity wall injected, with concrete floors, so these mice must have some serious tunnelling equipment. The tenants have dogs as well, so there’s no way they’d come from inside. Watch this space. ?

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  1. This is now 5 months ago, and i’ve never heard another thing about it. However, I have had a further comment from a routine inspection report that the bathwater was too blue! These tenants were seemingly on edge all the time (no reason for it, it’s a quiet property in a quiet part of town)


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