October 2017 at Gilesgate, Durham | Dave O’Hara

This was the first full month of data for the new Gilesgate weather site.

The month could be easily categorised as “Dry and Very Mild”. It was nearly 2.5 degC warmer than normal here, with only one ground frost at the end of the month. Rainfall was about half of that expected in October. The memorable occurrence of the month was the weird weather that came with the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia on the 30th anniversary of the Great Storm of 1987.

Southern Ireland was battered by gales, but the strange weather that hit the british mainland was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced. At 2pm in the afternoon, the sky had a strange orange hue, and it was dark – REALLY dark. The streetlights were on and cars were driving with full headlights. It was almost completely still, but a smokey smell hung in the air. This was afterwards attributed to a combination of forest fires over the Iberian Peninsula and Saharan dust, all dragged North on the Eastern side of the depression centre. Within 90 minutes the sun was out and it was a different world.

The month had 3 new daily records in the Central England Temperature record. 17.2, 16.4 and 14.9C on the 14th, 16th and 25th respectively. The maximum temperature at Gilesgate was 19.8 degC on the 13th of the month, with the minimum of 2.8 degC on the morning of 30th resulting in the first ‘car windscreen scrape’ of the Autumn.

October 2017 Weather at Gilesgate

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