Samuel Leeds Crashcourse and Clickbank Uni are great bedfellows! | Dave O’Hara

Here’s a Facebook Message i’ve just received and replied to.

“Hi xxxxx. Home now! Thanks for the compliments. It’s been an interesting journey 😎

I’m glad you’ve decided to sign up for Samuel’s crash course. We did it in February this year and it was a fantastic 2 days. There were 200 people there and we were all a bit nervous (just like you), but we wouldn’t have missed it for the World!

Samuel (and his team) are great guys. He’ll push you out of your comfort zone, but you soon get used to it as everyone is in the same boat. 😏 You WILL enjoy it.

We then signed up for ‘Deal Finding Extravaganza’ and ‘Never Use Your Own Money Again’ course in Wolverhampton ( Samuel’s base). That was even better! Go on that if you can afford it, it’s tremendous. We now know how to approach all the other ‘top secret’ ways of making money from property and we’re well into our plan of getting Debs financially free too.

One of the things Samuel talked about on the NUYOMA course was Marketing, including Sales Funnels, Squeeze Pages and building lists. He said he wouldn’t sell his contact list for £10 million. I’d already touched on this Sales Funnel/Squeeze Page stuff because i’d paid for and taken the Clickbank Uni course, so that’s where that came in. I’m a firm believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket and wanted to know how to do digital marketing properly (a lot of the property course ‘tasters’ available on line use this very system).

I had looked through the products available and decided I eventually wanted to produce an info product based on UK property investing. Most of the property stuff had a US bias (Real Estate), so there seemed to be a gap in the market. By taking the training, I was going to learn how to choose, market and sell other people’s products for commission as well as selling my own. So, i decided to do it.

Is it too good to be true? No, because I am promoting it from my own blog and everyone who signs up with the University earns me a fee. It pays me a passive income. If you sign up from my blog you will answer your own question 😎 Yes it does work! If you have any online ambitions you can do the same thing.

I saw it as ‘investing in myself’. That’s something that Samuel also says is paramount before you do anything else. Don’t be afraid to learn new stuff. If it costs you a few pounds it’s money well spent. I personally thought there was no better trainer than Clickbank themselves, so The Clickbank University was for me. If you sign up through the link on my blog, let me know and i’ll screenshot my affiliate fee to prove to you you it works! You could simply promote only the University and make great money (see the chart below for the average affiliate commission for the University), or find another passion you have and sell that too!

The fee is charged monthly and you have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can back out if it’s not for you, however you’ll probably see it’s benefit and being a member means you can get coached by Clickbank millionaires and be mentored to success. Awesome stuff.

In short, Samuel’s course and the Clickbank Uni course sit comfortably together and investing in yourself cannot ever be a bad idea when you want to make money.

Hope this helps.

Dave 😎”

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