Samuel Leeds Property Crash Course Review

Samuel Leeds Property Crash Course Review

If you’ve been following me since I jacked in the day job you’ll know that one thing I’ve been hanging my hat on is property investing as a sure-fire way of trumping the banks for making an income.

samuel leeds pictureOne thing you can never do too much of is research. The interweb is a dream for this, but sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees. Of course we watch all the property programmes on the telly as well, but realise they paint a rosy and very simplistic picture of what it takes to buy a house and make it work for you business-wise. There was a programme on last year where landlords and tenants would swap places, finding out what it was really like to live in the properties they were renting out.

Samuel Leeds

One of the landlords appearing on the programme was a guy called Samuel Leeds. He was a really humble guy and did his very best on the programme to help out his tenant, a lady who was worried about being evicted because she was struggling a bit. It turned out when he visited that she had a big hole in her roof, but didn’t report it because she thought he would put her rent up! I was impressed with the sympathetic way he treated her. In the end she had to leave for another reason, but only after Samuel bent over backwards to try to help her.

He turned up later in a Google search when we started looking for authorities on the subject of buying property. We recognised him from the programme and found out he had a good samuel leeds and sir richard branson picturebusiness going, mentoring and teaching other people how to make a living from property. He’s a Property multi-millionaire in fact, at less than half my age! Samuel Leeds rubs shoulders with the likes of Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s a little bit ‘evangelical’ at times in his presentation, not surprising considering he started as a church person, but his huge enthusiasm comes through loud and clear and he clearly knows his stuff. He’s also very ethical; ten per cent of his business profits go to charity.

Samuel has an excellent book published ‘Buy Low Rent High’, in which he outlines his strategy for property investment.

So, we’re booked on a two day property crash course with him in February in Salford, Manchester to educate ourselves further about property investment.

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Samuel Leeds Property Crashcourse Review
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7 thoughts on “Samuel Leeds Property Crash Course Review”

  1. Wow, that was an intense couple of days, but soooooo much knowledge was gained. We’d already done quite a bit in that we already had properties rented and we knew how to get our money back out of a deal and had done it twice, but this was something else! Definitely recommended and definitely not a scam.

    This was so good and we’ve got another three days with Samuel Leeds at his office in Wolverhampton in May, hopefully doing a few deals and learning a lot more from him. The things we learned here we have put into practice and have led to lots more avenues of exploration. Who’d have thought some of these things were even possible?

  2. Yesterday, I attended the 2 day crash course in Peterborough. On reflection it has been a complete eye opener for me. I wasn’t expecting much and the sole reason was to network with like minded people. Walked away with a number of new techniques, approaches and tools. Feeling really inspired and determined not to be one of the majority who do nothing and procrastinate. Thanks Samuel and team for helping me become more determined to make this work.

    • Congrats for taking action Josh! The Peterborough event looked massive!

      Samuel’s course was the first property course we ever did and we were the same, it got us off to an enthusiastic start and in the right frame of mind to succeed. A year later and we’re viewing, offering and have two more houses than when we went on the course. We’ve missed out on a few too, some through inexperience and some through no fault of our own, but we’re getting there.

      We’ve been on Sarah Poynton-Ryan’s course as well in Milton Keynes – check her out if R2R is something that might interest you (search Facebook for ‘Cogito Wealth’).

      I wish you every success with your ventures.


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