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I came across this rather excellent course and thought i’d post it here as a lot of people know how to make money from property but aren’t quite sure which property they should pick, and if renovation is needed, how to approach it. This guy covers almost everything!

Discover why thousands of people are choosing to renovate property, how they make their millions, retire early and how they do it by following the priceless information in the ‘Property Development for Profit‘ ecourse.

From renovation projects on a grand scale and making millions, to discovering how to fix those annoying little problems that go wrong and saving thousands – the ‘Property Development for Profit’ ecourse is for everyone who lives in or owns a property! This ecourse is special in many ways…..

Money, and lots of it, is not the only result of knowing exactly how to renovate and refurbish property. With this e-course you will discover:

the ‘Property Proof’ test, how you can tell if a property is ripe for renovation!

how you can avoid those disastrous mistakes that many property entrepreneurs make that costs thousands!

how you can recognise that PEACH of a property that will bring you a year’s income in one go!

how you can avoid wasting your hard-earned cash overpaying lazy rogue tradesmen!

how you will spot those ‘pitfall’ projects, the ones you need to walk away from!

•Property is still THE BEST WAY of creating wealth, and making your future prosperity secure.

‘Nothing as safe as bricks and mortar’, may be an old cliche, but it is a true one.

You CAN dramatically increase your wealth through property investment. But you need to be ‘in action’ and do it.

Our quality of life is deteriorating, despite what the politicians might tell us!

In real terms income has decreased dramatically so that it is difficult to keep up with expenditure month to month.

Investing in property is not difficult but you may have anxieties about taking the first step.

The ‘Property Development for Profit‘ ecourse is a complete course that takes you through every aspect of your property development portfolio – from selecting the houses, negotiating prices, recognising the renovations to be done, to marketing your finished product.

Financing the first purchase…..choosing what type of property to invest in………..finding the right property………….negotiating the right price…………..where to buy; direct, from an estate agent or auction………….budgeting to make the most profit….choosing whether to buy to sell or buy to let……..

You CAN develop the ability to find houses with potential, and to negotiate knock-down prices.

You can learn how to budget the renovations so that the houses bring in the best profit.

You can discover how to avoid those mistakes that can cost thousands.

You can even develop the knowledge so that you can self-survey the properties and know whether to buy or not!

“Learn how to pick the hottest type of property to buy….and how to avoid those disaster houses that will cost you thousands!”

• Learn all about finding those HOT properties that will make you a fortune!

• Learn how to recognise the true potential of any house, that will make your income skyrocket!

• Discover how to recognise those disaster houses that you must leave alone and walk away from.

“Don’t get ripped off by those flashy estate agents….learn how to find the REAL price of houses!”

• You will learn how to avoid being duped by estate agents, realtors and sharp sellers!

• Discover where you can find out EXACTLY how much a property is truly worth.

• Learn about the methods of pricing properties that the ESTATE AGENTS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

“Learn how not to waste your time on a property that is not worth renovating…learn the secrets to recognising a profitable property!”

• Discover how to survey your property to assess immediately if it is worth the cost and energy!

• Avoid wasting your time (and money) on houses that are going to bring you no profit – or worse cost you money!

• Learn all about the danger signs – know what to avoid like the plague!

• How you can cost the renovations so that you know exactly what price to offer for the house.

“Discover how the professionals recognise the danger signs of damp, infestation and rot…and how you can deal with these problems!”

• Avoid being trapped with a problem property that will costs you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands!

• Learn the secret signals of dry and wet rot: learn which one you can deal with and which you can’t!

• Recognise the real problems of subsidence, roof damage and damp – problems that can cost you a property!

“Insider Secrets to getting that knock-down price….this point alone will make or break your project!”

• Discover how to ‘sniff out’ those desperate sellers who are willing to sell at rock-bottom prices!

• Learn how much you should undercut the asking price so that you can boost your profits right away.

• Discover how you can make your profits BEFORE you even buy the house!

• Learn the hot secret of knowing exactly how much properties sell for in your area.

• Get access to a UNIQUE METHOD of grabbing and holding onto the property to avoid being gazumped at the last moment.

“Avoid killing your profits with those time-wasting workmen….you know, the ones that drink all your tea and do little or no work!

• Find out how to pick the most reliable tradesmen for your job.

• Learn how to prevent any slacking or money-wasting activities – your profits are at risk!

• You will learn to recognise good workmanship – essential to get the best price for your house.

“Learn the skills of project management so that you avoid wasting your time and money!”

• It is a shocking truth that most profits are lost through wastage of time and materials.

• Learn about time management, about organising the workforce so that no time is wasted. Time is money, avoid frittering it away.

• Discover how to assess the jobs that really need doing and avoid wasting money on expensive but unnecessary work.

“Revealing trade secrets about decorations and colour schemes……discover what the experts use to hook that buyer!”

• Get insider knowledge about the best colour schemes and decorations that help sell your property.

• You will learn all about the decorations to avoid – the colours and decor that put potential buyers off.

• Valuable advice on what to include – carpets, white goods, light shades, new front door – learn the magic tips that will sell your properties like hot cakes!

“Learn how to deal with professionals…….understanding solicitors, surveyors and local planning authorities!”

• Learn about the legal side of property investment – avoid being scammed by the professionals.

• Learn about planning permission and how to get the best deals from the Planning Officers.

• You are going to save thousands by using the special contracts in the book for work personnel, including penalty clauses for late work.

“Discover the top tips to market your property….learn all about the secrets of selling!”

• Learn the insider tricks of the trade to marketing your property and achieving top profits at minimum cost – even if you have never sold anything before in your life.

• Correctly showing your customers around your house is vital – learn all about what to say which can make or break your sale.

• Avoid those time-wasters, who waste not just your time but your money as well – I will show you how you can spot the con men.

And to add more value to this already valuable ecourse you will also receive absolutely free….

Bonus One

“All about Kitchens” the most important room in the house – learn how to completely renovate the kitchen if you need to, and give your house that all-important WOW factor!

Bonus Two

“All about Bathrooms” – the second most important room in the house, discover how to strip out and renovate your bathroom . Also included is my UNIQUE METHOD of bathroom fitting!

Bonus Three

“The Art of Negotiation” – learn how to negotiate with anyone for anything!

Bonus Four

“All about the Legal Stuff” – don’t be caught out by the legalities of buying and selling. Know your rights!

Bonus Five

“How to Sell your house without an Estate Agent” save thousands of pounds selling your own property and do a better job at it!

P.S. Don’t put off starting your property portfolio! Now is the best time in a decade to purchase property, prices are very low at the moment but of course they will not stay that way.

P.P.S. Take advantage of this amazing course now. It will make you want to go out and buy a property straight away. It will give you the confidence to develop your portfolio immediately.

Property Renovation Secrets Revealed | Need a Side-Gig?
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