Steven Green – The Homeless Millionaire

Steven Green (The Homeless Millionaire) is a local property investor and business owner from Redcar who runs courses dealing with property strategies and also self improvement. He’s ex-Army and uses his skills to show that we can pretty much achieve anything by changing our attitude towards the situations we are in. He’s a property multi-millionaire who believes in giving back. He’s very concerned with mental health issues and his courses have helped people all over the country.

Homeless and living on the streets

This summer Steven set himself a target. He says he actually hatched the plan in 2014, so it was 5 years in the making. He made himself homeless, with no money or job, living on the streets of Leeds. His target was to get a haircut, new clothes, a job and a place to live all within 7 days.

He got himself off to the worst possible start (deliberately) by smoking Heroin. He did this to understand how drugs change people’s perceptions and motivations. In the 7 days he allocated, coming off Heroin, one of the World’s most addictive drugs was therefore added to the list of things he needed to solve.

Here’s The Homeless Millionaire video that documents the desperate state he and lots of homeless are in, the people he met and helped along the way, as well as the tragic details of those who didn’t make it. Steven was deeply affected by the project and hopes his experience will change the opinion that most people have about the homeless. Getting out of the spiral of despair is possible, but it’s not as easy as he first thought.

It’s very sobering, at times shocking, but is ultimately inspirational. It’s a long video (nearly 2 hours), but well worth watching.

Here’s a link to Steven’s Facebook Page

Steven Green – The Homeless Millionaire

(113 mins)

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