return on investment calculator for property purchase, roi calculator for property purchase

Return on Investment Calculator (ROI) for Real Estate

A little ROI (Return on Investment) calculator so my property investment friends can calculate the prospective return on investment of any BTL (Buy to Let) property investment they are interested in. Just enter the details of your prospective BTL property purchase into the boxes, then print out the results to keep if you like. None of the data you input is stored anywhere here, so your figures are confidential. ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator Please share the url with your friends. Return on Investment Resources

Buying to let as a limited company – How Things Differ

Here’s an article which we found very helpful with the decision of whether to buy BTL properties as part of a personal portfolio or as a Limited Company. I hope it’s useful for those looking for information about this. Buying to let as a limited company By Steven Boyde There are two ways of owning buy-to-let property: using your personal name, or through a limited company. Since April 2017, there has been an increase in the number of landlords purchasing buy-to-let investments in a limited company rather than in their personal name. This is largely due to changes set out …

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