Our property journey (update) | How we started our portfolio

House 1 – 2 bed terraced Our property journey really started when we decided to move to Durham in 2014. I had been living in my house for 18 years and then rented it out to enable me to move. I was an ‘accidental landlord’. The details are as follows and the values are current ones. All the houses are in NE England. Purchase Price : £32,500 Current Market Value : £45,000 Rent Currently Received : £4,320 pa House 2 – 2 bedroom semi The house we bought in Durham in 2014 was built in 1999/2000 and is also 2 bedroomed, but it’s semi-detatched. Owned by a former student of Durham who became a lecturer at Nottingham Uni. He’d rented … Read more

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