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The Property Training Industry 12 Months On – Still Swimming In Snake Oil

Financial Freedom Anyone? In February 2018 we decided that we’d go to see a property trainer who was offering a free ‘crash course’ as an introduction to property investment. We’d read Samuel Leeds’ book and it invited us to check him out so he could show us how easy if was to become ‘Financially Free’. 😉 By that point we’d already bought a couple of houses ourselves and had gone through the process. We knew it wasn’t simple, but we knew what it was about. We’d bought those houses by conventional Buy To Let (BTL) means and I had also …

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Everyone involved in property should watch this video

From the Coffeezilla YouTube Channel Danny Butcher took a property training course in early 2019. In October 2019 he unfortunately took his life after getting in crippling debt to pay for it. His family is speaking out to get this industry regulated. Change Petition –… If you’d like to donate to the Danny Butcher Foundation you can get in touch with them here: I’ve featured a lot of sad stories on this channel before: this is the most tragic I’ve ever heard. Wealth Seminars need to be regulated. They’re predatory.  

Don’t get ripped off by a FURU

I’ve just posted this because I need to make my readers aware of something that is probably going to raise it’s head in the press over the next few weeks. It’s about property gurus who take thousands of pounds in fees in exchange for stuff you can really learn online for free. They effectively con people out of a lot of money, sometimes with tragic consequences. I’ve almost been taken in by fake property gurus in the past. They are very clever and manipulative and can easily relieve you of tens of thousands of pounds if you don’t have your …

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