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How to supercharge your online footprint

If you have a business, you’ll recognise that in today’s trading environment you need a website. But having a website in itself isn’t enough. You also need to be found. Google has billions of pages which it ranks as it sees fit for content. It’s important to know where you are in the pecking order and how your ranking varies from month to month. Local search is also becoming more important as it’s the way people search for services and businesses. We have a suite of reports that will allow you to monitor your footprint and see how you’re doing. The initial report is free. I’ll also receive the initial report and will be able to advise what to do next based on the results.

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Who doesn’t want more customers, right?

These are the things that affect your business visibility we can help with:

  • 1. Links and Website Authority
  • 2. Search Rankings
  • 3. Local Business Listings
  • 4. Reviews and Ratings
  • 5. Google My Business
  • 6. On-Site SEO
  • 7. Social Channels
  • 8. Appendix

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“If you want to save time and save money, and also need to get the right local results first time every time, then these reports must be part of your local SEO toolkit.”


“These tools really ROCK! When it comes to local SEO tools, they really know their stuff!”

1. Links and Website Authority
These are key SEO indicators that play a big part in how high your business ranks in search engine results.

2. Search Rankings
The positions (‘rankings’) that your website or business appears in for your important keywords in the 3 largest search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) and within their local offerings (Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local). You obviously want to appear as high up the search rankings as possible.

3. Local Business Listings
For local businesses, it’s critical that the address and contact information is correct and consistent across the web. This provides reliable information to Google about your business and also ensures that your customers can find you or contact you.

4. Reviews and Ratings
Having positive reviews significantly impacts your reputation: the better your reputation, the more customers you’re likely to win online.

5. Google My Business
GMB is Google’s local listing and search product which contains listings of local businesses, organisations and places. Listings from GMB appear in organic search results and Google maps results on both desktop and mobile devices. This is why GMB is a hugely powerful marketing opportunity for local businesses – getting your optimization correct here is critical to attracting new, local customers.

6. On-Site SEO
On-Site SEO factors are elements of your website, either visible on the page or in the code of your website (which you can’t see, but search engines can), which affect the site’s search rankings. It’s easier to improve SEO factors on your own site because you have control over it.

7. Social Channels
It’s important to ‘socialise’ your business so that your customers can share their experiences with their friends and turn them into new customers. It’s also useful to use social media channels like Facebook to accrue reviews of your local business.

8. Appendix
Page by page, errors, slow page load times, sparse content pages, broken links, missing alt tags, word count and many other parameters will affect your ranking.

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Durham City developments and the small trader | Dave O’Hara

Durham City seems to have been a building site for a long time now. The building of the two roundabouts at Leazes Bowl and Gilesgate took an age to complete, disrupting traffic and visitors alike. Then there were the repairs to Millburngate Bridge, and further digging up of Nevilles Cross. Now we have the changes in the City centre. New student accommodation is being built in Claypath, the Old Hospital on North Road and at Neville’s Cross. The old Passport Office demolition and the remodelling of the Millburngate shopping centre mean that the West side of the river will change beyond recognition in the next couple of years.

New millburngate development in Durham photo

There will also be a lot of new outlets, with a ton of money thrown in their direction. Footfall will be drawn to this side of the city. This will put the smaller traders in a very vulnerable position as business is in danger of being sucked away by the shiny new shops and outlets. Some say that the new developments will increase footfall elsewhere, but I’m not convinced.

Big Retailers Lost

We’ve already lost several businesses from Silver Street alone. The Post Office, Marks and Spencer, Krispy Kreme, Pret a Manger, Greenwoods and Cafe Rouge have all moved on from that one street (prime spots) in the last few months. Some big names there!  We all know about the BHS debacle and closure. Their old store stood empty for a long long time. New Look and Next are under pressure and Sweet Tooth Delivery seem to have abandoned their kiosk. There’s also a rumour that Boots will vacate their store in the Market Place. This is all in the space of a few weeks. What is going on?

It therefore becomes even more important for businesses to get their online representation sorted out, to maximise their exposure and give themselves the best chance of staying with us in Durham.

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I’ve always been extremely loyal to the town I live in and will support it and promote it as much as I can. The Council can be extremely biased when promoting Durham. It tends towards promoting the companies that either pay it directly, or it will benefit from. Walking around the streets reveals the places that the Council will neglect, that i’d love to start helping. As everything is online these days, futures, reputations and profits can rest on what the World sees when it looks for businesses online (if your website is found at all).

So, i’m offering to help local small businesses to maximise their online position by auditing their whole online presence, including search engine position, competitors position, your reviews, reputation and citations. It’ll show you just how well (or badly) your business is represented on the web.

Head on over to the SEO Reports page now to run a free report to see how your business is doing. You’ll then be in a position to do something about it.

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