The Only Way to Change Your Way of Life is to Take Action!

Here we are in the last days of 2018 (how quickly the year has passed, it’s zoomed by). Here in the UK it’s been quite a year. We’ve been on holiday twice, both times to Lanzarote. We’ve been on three property courses and have continued to look to invest in more property. Officially, i’m still retired, but i’ve never stopped throughout the year. I’m not one to sit around doing nowt. We’ve sold the cleaning business now to free up some cash for deposits and i’ve become well and truly involved with Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the subject of this post – taking action.

It would have been very easy to languish into being a pensioner, looking forward to my bus pass and Saga membership. It would have been easy to just sit in front of the television eating crisps and sipping tea, with my pipe and slippers.

However, we decided to educate ourselves by taking action. We signed up to a property course and learned a lot of things the layman just doesn’t know about buying and selling property. The course opened our eyes to things that most people would think impossible. The course was in Manchester and we’re in Durham, so motivation was needed to go for three days, but we took action. 

When we were at the course, we signed up for the further advanced course in May. This one cost us a few quid, but we learned a lot more. The second course was in Birmingham, so it required us to take action again, to travel down and make the effort to get there, book ourselves into a hotel for three days and absorb everything that we were taught.

Over the summer, we formed a plan of where we wanted to be in 2019. The training allowed us to formulate a way of generating a passive income from property. We want to eventually move to Spain and pay for it from income we generate from property. We didn’t know how to do that at the start of the year, but we educated ourselves and took action.

We educated ourselves further in September by going to another training course in Milton Keynes with Sarah Poynton-Ryan. This was another jaunt that we split between 3 hotels. Action taken to learn more.

Are you seeing a developing theme here?

We weren’t sitting on our backsides watching Jeremy Kyle on the telly, we were getting out there and educating ourselves. All this was happening around running our cleaning business. We were taking action.

Whilst we were learning all about property, I was conscious about having all our eggs in one basket. We needed another source of passive income in case the property market crashed. I started looking for an online systems for generating passive income. My first venture was to look at Clickbank and this looked very promising. I realised that affiliate marketing was the perfect way to go, if I could get a system going, so I started looking. Taking Action again.

Affiliate Marketing is basically acting as an agent and promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission. With Clickbank, the products were mainly digital. But the commissions were huge, often 75%. The downside was that there were some really dubious products on Clickbank and it led to me looking for information on how to avoid scams.

This led to me finding the path i’m on now.

This is a breath of fresh air. The platform is a giant social training portal, where everyone has the same common goal, teaching and implementing methods to make money from affiliate marketing. The membership numbers something like 1.4 million, so there are some very knowledgable people and also some very rich people too. You can rub shoulders with members making $6-10,000 per month from the system. You can pick their brains and ask their advice. They’ll help you out and teach you all the secrets you’ll need to make it happen.

Everyone there is TAKING ACTION!

This has taught me how to pick a niche, research keywords for content, create a website, get it indexed, get critical appraisal, and learn all about affiliate networks, select and link products from top affiliates like Amazon, and start making money! I’ll show you how to do the same thing (if that’s what you want to do).

We have our own affiliate programmes as well (Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank University), so there can be a two-pronged attack on the money making techniques. You can focus on creating your own site and traffic, promote the program itself (like i’m doing here) or both.

I can’t praise it enough.

Like most things in life that have value, they don’t come free. The great thing though is the system can be arbitraged (leveraged) to a high level. A membership can be covered by passing it on to only one further person. After that, all the information and teaching resources can be accessed basically for FREE, as you’re earning more than you’re paying.

If you are good at helping people (and that is ALWAYS how you should approach property and Affiliate Marketing), and passing on the message, you can make a hefty income from it. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, others have perfected the methods, just follow them.

To do that though, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. It won’t happen without signing up for that Free account, starting the training and seeing how it works. What you will discover should show you how to help secure your future alongside any other business you have. You’ll learn how to market yourself!

To learn more about the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and the Bootcamp High Return Premier Membership, go to Wealthy Affiliate to get an opportunity to change your life.


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