Wealthy Affiliate – The Perfect Accompaniment to a Property Business

This is a great side hustle to sit alongside a Property business

The perfect accompaniment to a property business is a website I discovered called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a community which comprehensively teaches about Marketing from scratch, including how to build a website, host it, get it indexed by Google, promote it, do keyword research and build an online business to be proud of.

The website features a community of 1.4m people who will help you along the way. Kind of like Facebook but without all the bitching. The focus is on building a business and you can get questions answered on any subject you need to know about. You can start as a free member and evaluate it, then move to a paid membership when you are comfortable to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate is very well respected in the industry, and if you’re an Entrepreneur looking to make good money, Wealthy Affiliate has a very nice affiliate program of it’s own. They basically pay 50% commission on anyone you invite who goes on to become a paying member. There are people on Wealthy Affiliate who can guide you to a fortune. The ultimate objective is to get to the Vegas conference every year. If you manage this, you’ll definitely have made it in Marketing.

Useful Links

Here’s a brochure showing all of the features : WealthyAffiliate.pdf

There’s a review of Wealthy Affiliate here

Click here to open a Free Wealthy Affiliate account

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