Why Always Taking the ‘Free Option’ Makes You Unlikely to Succeed. Pay for Your Knowledge

Why Always Taking the ‘Free Option’ Makes You Unlikely to Succeed. Pay for Your Knowledge

Free isn’t the best option if you want to Make Money

As you may have noticed, the Internet Opportunity marketplace is filled with Free content ‘tasters’ followed by Premium content Meat that demands a big outlay. Why is that?

The Market is actually made by the Free content. This is the place where there is no obstruction to entry. Anyone can sign up for a Free course and digest what it says. But the downside of that is that the market is flooded by ‘freeloaders’ who think they’ve started a business.

Here’s the fly in that ointment – those freebie grabbers are now little fish in a big sea, with all the other little fish who have taken the plunge. They are at the bottom of the food chain. They struggle to get noticed as individuals because, well, all minnows look the same. Same size, same features, same diet, same fate. Small fish get eaten by bigger fish, the so called influencers.

Small fish in a BIG POND

Little fish have no longevity in the big ocean of the Internet because it’s almost impossible to be unique in any way, shape or form. They starve to death within a few weeks, or are eaten. They have no skin in the game, and therefore have no concept of leverage or value. They are just cannon fodder that comes and goes with no sound and little light.

To make it in business on the internet, you need to stand out from  the crowd. If you do this, you have more chance of being seen. You will be above the freebie crowd and others will take you more seriously because you have invested in yourself. You have actually risen above 99% of all the other people who’ve been lured into the ‘fast buck’ net.

When I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate I realised that it was a superb training platform. I signed up as a Free member myself to start with as that was the offer I was made, but I quickly realised that I needed to be above the 99% because there were an awfully lot of people thrashing around in the shallow water, trying to swim. I therefore signed up as a paid member after 3 days and have never looked back.

Apart from setting myself apart from the other 99%, being Premium allowed me to build my business with a following tide. It wasn’t a struggle trying to swim against the tide anymore. I was helped by the increase in resources and I felt a little bit more exceptional. People took me more seriously as a paid member and I was truly able to rub shoulders (fins?) with the Big Fish.


This concept of Entry (or Ease of It) is one that was first introduced to me by a book called ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’ (MJ DeMarco) as part of a 5 Commandment known as C.E.N.T.S. (Control, Entry, Need, Time and Scale). This was the second item on the list.

Basically, if the Market is too easy to enter, it floods with Freeloaders who aren’t able to offer anything unique. They all blend in with each other in a blancmange of half-hearted ineptitude, not prepared to invest in themselves and all looking for a fast buck for no risk. This is what then gets presented to the public, who summarily dismiss it as Spam.

That’s exactly what it is. You can have a really great product, but if you market it like a cheap 10 cent giveaway you’ll get nowhere.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the Startup programme is really for people who want to learn the basics of setting up a website, buying a domain and learning how to blog. There are many reasons for that. People are made redundant, start clubs and hobbies, look for extra things to fill their time (retired perhaps) or just have a lusting to learn new stuff. There are millions wanting new skills, who have lagged behind technology for a long time and finally realise it’s time to catch up. That is the first part of Wealthy Affiliate. It does well.

Invest in Yourself

The second part of Wealthy Affiliate is the bit you learn when you invest in yourself. It really is a seriously good opportunity to start a business offering all of the the entry level stuff to others, as well as those who want to build a big affiliate business for themselves. It isn’t MLM. It’s a flat business model. You are responsible for your own introductions and no-one else sees any reward for your work but you.

When I trained myself in Premier Bootcamp, I realised how phenomenal a business Wealthy Affiliate was. To truly appreciate it, look at some of the top affiliates in the system.

Nathaniell, EddySalamon, RoopeKiuttu and littlemama

They are there because they have lived and breathed the platform, know it’s benefits and how to pass on their enthusiasm and knowhow to others. They’ve used the knowledge to run other businesses alongside WA, but fundamentally they’ve learned about the potential of the platform and have leveraged it for their own education and benefit. They are the Elite. They are Ambassadors for the platform.

When I first started, I wanted to promote the Free Starter level of WA. I did this at first whilst trying to persuade the ‘freebies’ to then upgrade, but it quickly became apparent that the people signing up for the free option were the exact same people I’ve been describing in the previous paragraphs! They wanted a fast buck, never signed for Premium and on the whole just didn’t take things seriously. My target market was wrong!

MJ deMarco’s book made me realise that the barrier to entry that is ‘paid’ WA content is what really makes it valuable. It sets it above the 99% of other marketers out there. It’s value is that it teaches what i’ve just revealed to you. Over the top of the entry level stuff there’s a serious business for those that want it. The higher level market is still big enough and it allows individuality within it. That is what is needed to make it work. I’m by no means a natural writer, and am certainly not a salesman, but if I can do it there’s no reason why anyone else who wants to look at it as a business opportunity cannot make a success of it.

Promote the Paid Content, not the Free

If you can package up the business opportunity within WA in an individual way and sell it to your audience then you’ll realise what a little Gold Mine it is.

I’m now promoting it at the paid level and would like to introduce serious people to the platform with a view to being long stayers, building their businesses with me and with a long term goal in mind. This isn’t a get-rich-quick business by any means, but if you are already a marketer and have a customer base, it’s possible you could easily sit this alongside your core items.

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