Are expensive training courses worth it?

Over the last year or so there’s been a proliferation of training courses that have sprung up on the internet, mainly in the Make Money Niches and The Property Niche.

I offer my thoughts on this, how to approach the training and how to keep your wits about you when thinking about taking training to get the best value.

I also discuss the training i’ve had success with personally and that i’d recommend.

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1 thought on “Are expensive training courses worth it?”

  1. I would ALWAYS say NO to expensive “training” courses because as you say in the video the “free” couple of days you get is often just a chance for them to find out more about you and how much money they can get out of you. I think it’s hard if not impossible for training companies to be anything but a training company. It’s hard for the people behind them to switch “modes” to doing what they teach and then doing it for real themselves and they just end up teaching rather than doing. Also in nearly all of the industries I have seen it’s more profitable just to teach really there is always less overheads in the teaching model so they just end up being teachers even if they did start out with the intention of being both. In the end I think the best way of learning most things is getting as much information as you can for either free or from respected books and then taking action. And I think that the “trainers” would say this is bad as you will make mistakes but in the small print of their deal with you success will not be guaranteed so mistakes can still happen after expensive training. I would rather learn by doing that just sitting and hearing the theory of something.


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