Conversiobot Chatbots Get You More Leads/Customers

My ConversioBot Review – Buy your own ‘chatbot factory’

This ConversioBot review is an interesting one. I saw ConversioBot being marketed through Facebook advertising and it looked interesting, so I looked further. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a huge growth industry at the moment. I also checked the software out with CBEngine. It looked good. In fact, it looked excellent. You know that feeling you get when you KNOW you’ve discovered a gem? Well this is it.

Conversiobot lets you create your own chatbots to draw more leads to your business.

While this isn’t exactly Artifical Intelligence (AI), it can be used in a very simple way on websites to promote your business and get more leads and even sell your products. It got me thinking of  a ConversioBot Chatbot as a way to make the visit to my website a better experience and convert my visitors better. I could buy my very own ‘Chatbot Factory’!

It has loads of potential uses and many different businesses can use chatbots. Here are some of the businesses Chatbots can be used for, among others (and there are templates pre-built in the system for most of these, so you’ll have an out of box solution):

Beauty Salons, Car Dealerships, Chiropractors, Cleaning Services, Conference Registration, Contact Services, Dating Agencies, Dentists, Doctors, Dog Trainers, Dry Cleaners, Electricians, Estate Agents, Family Lawyers, Florists, Gardeners, Graphic Designers, Green Energy Providers, Guitar Tutors, Gyms, Hair Salons, Handy Man Services, Health Insurers, Hotels, Human Resources, Insurance Brokers, IT Professionals, Language Tutors, Lawn Services, Making Money Online, Media Agencies, Mortgage Brokers, Music Tutors, Painter and Decorators, Personal Injury Lawyers, Personal Trainers, Pet Groomers, Photographers, Piano Tutors, Plumbers, Pool Maintenance, PPC Marketing, Private Investors, Property Rentals, Recruitment Consultants, Removal Services, Restaurants, Roofing Services, Self Help Groups, SEO Agencies, Travel Consultants, Vets, Video Editing Services, Video Marketing Services, Web Design and Hosting Services, Webinar Registrations, Wedding Planners, Weight Loss Consultants, Yoga Classes

So what’s this all about?

ConversioBot Graphic describing what chatbots are and how they can be used

Buy and Build Your Own Chatbot

Chatbots are NEW and rapidly taking over the Internet. If you use Facebook Messenger, it’s very likely you’ve interacted with a Chatbot. Sometimes with a well designed chatbot, it’s actually quite hard to tell whether it’s a Chatbot or a real human speaking to you!

Huge businesses are now using Chatbots to interact with people on their Websites as well as through Social Media. It’s a very powerful way, in 2020, for them to get more leads and sales without breaking the bank on Live Chat agent employees.

You are most likely to have seen one if you’ve visited your banking website, or maybe when you’ve enquired about insurance.

There are two chatbot examples running on this site!

Yes, there are in fact chatbots running on THIS site. If you look to the bottom left of the page you’ll see a chatbot for those interested in Wealthy Affiliate. Check them out to explore what they can do.

You can also embed the chatbot inline in your web page, like this. Go on, interact with it :

Very useful as a more engaging landing page or squeeze page, don’t you think?

Can you think of a use on your own website? I’m sure you can.

Chatbots are an Emerging Industry

There’s now an emerging industry that’s about to explode and can now be exploited by the average Joe, either by making chatbots for your own websites, or making and selling them to other people/businesses, so they can get more leads and that’s where ConversioBot is so useful and valuable.

ConversioBot covers both uses, so whether you’re a website owner or an entrepreneur, this is for you.

Chatbot Stats

  • Mark Zuckerberg revealed Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next TEN YEARS.
  • Billion dollar companies like Amtrak are already using Chatbots to get ROIs of 800% or more.
  • By 2021, 50% of companies will spend more on Bots than on mobile apps.
  • By next year, the average person will have more chat with Bots than with their spouse!
  • Gartner predicts that chatbots will power 85 percent of all customer service interactions by the year 2020
  • 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other mean of contact.
  • 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.
  • 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots.
  • 55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem.
  • 95% of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots.

But how can YOU benefit from chatbots?

OK, but how can you benefit from Chatbots? Well most businesses can’t afford to develop their own Chatbots. It’s highly sophisticated technology and it can costs tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to develop. So they’re looking for a ready-made solution, or someone to do it for them …

That’s where this software comes in! ConversioBot allows all that to happen, and brings it into the skillset/price range of ordinary business owners/entrepreneurs.

So, here’s my ConversioBot review.

ConversioBot - picture of Simon Wood who is co-ownerSimon Wood (Co-Founder: ConversioBot)

Simon has over 23 years of experience in online marketing. He’s a leading authority on Chatbots. He co-founded ConversioBot – one of the leading “AI” Chatbot platforms with over 6,000 active users.ConversioBot is the Internet’s Number 1 Chatbot for Business Website Owners.

The software comes with a simple drag-and drop builder allowing even a complete newbie to build a ConversioBot Chatbot, without any technical knowledge or special skills.

It also comes with a range of what they call  “Done-For-You” Bots (like the business list above) which are designed to get you more leads and more sales for your business. These are available from a library of pre-made bots (which you can then customise) if you take this option.

You can connect ConversioBot bots with popular Email AutoResponder software to automatically add the email leads you capture to your own email list. Remember, the money is in the list right? Here’s what it works with:

ConversioBot works with these popular email autoresponders


ConversioBot in it’s fullest form comes with a FULL Commercial License allowing you to sell your Bots to other businesses if you really want to.

This could be another very lucrative income stream for you as there are a lot of businesses out there that do have a Website but DON’T have a Chatbot. But, chances are you’re just looking to install a chatbot for your own website(s) and that where this software really comes into it’s own.

If you do a bit of research about the current market rates for Bot development, the figures i’ve seen are £150-£400 for a simple bot, and obviously more as the project gets more complex. This software can be bought for only $27 in it’s basic form.

As part of my ConversioBot review, I decided to try out the ConversioBot software for this website

I signed up for an account with ConversioBot to see whether it was indeed possible to create a bot for myself and evaluate the software to see exactly how good it is for the purpose of this review.

I always like to do ‘hands on’ reviews if I can, so I can write about the more complete experience. I don’t promote or recommend anything I have not used myself, that’s just my method.

If you look to the bottom left of this page of my website you’ll see that I set up a little bot in about an hour using ConversioBot’s software. This was very easy after creating an account. Try it!

ConversioBot Lite v ConversioBot Pro

The basic level of access comes with the ConversioBot Lite version of the software. This is priced at $27. Then there’s then a Pro version for slightly more. This gives you more features which you may or may not find useful, it depends what you need to do.

Here’s what you get with both and the differences :-

Standard Features of ConversioBot

And here are the extras you get with ConversioBot Pro (on the right)

Different Features in ConversioBot Lite v. ConvesrsioBot Pro

The difference in price between the two is actually quite minimal and a no brainer. Get the pro version.

ConversioBot Lite is $36 (discounted to $27)

ConversioBot Pro is $67 (discounted to $37)

I thought the Pro features were well worth paying the extra $10 for. Certainly the unlimited number of chatbots and the multi-site licence was worth it because I have several websites myself, including client sites who will be very interested in having a bot for themselves in the future for sure.

The big bonus though for me is The Full Commercial Licence to actually sell the bots I’ve built. I haven’t done this yet though.

The ConversioBot signup procedure was quite easy

The signup procedure was quite a simple one, although as is usual with this type of offer there were several upsells to get through first.

To it’s credit, the upsells had plenty of information included so they could be evaluated, and as I always do, I reject them and take another look later once I find out whether the program is going to be valuable to me.

Each of the upsell screens has a ‘No thank you’ option at the end and once they have been navigated a username and password is issued for you to log in.
(I’ve actually ended up buying two of these upsells from within the ConversioBot site after evaluating them).

The ConversioBot Dashboard

ConversioBot Dashboard showing layout


The Dashboard is very clear, with the main area offering instructional videos for the new starter. These are presented by Simon Wood and are very concise, with no fluff or extra waffling that you sometimes see with this type of product.

Simon is very eloquent and gets his training over with the minimum of fuss. It’s one of the big plusses of buying the software and why i’ve included it in this ConversioBot review.

The Main Intro video is slap bang in the middle of the Dashboard and can’t be missed. Simon does a good job of demonstrating how easily the platform works (essential for me) and how to find the various features.

The main menu is located to the left hand side of the screen and is the quick and easy way to navigate to all the different parts of the software. This works very well.

The bottom of the Dashboard screen also gives information about the parts of ConversioBot you have bought and that are currently Active.

As can be seen here, I bought the ConversioBot Pro option and have then also upgraded and also purchased the Done-For-You Pro option (and later the ConversioBot Extreme Option as well).

You can further upgrade on the Active Products graphic by just clicking the link below each option.

ConversioBot Active Products List

Auto Chatbot Builder is $47

This option is nice to have if you’re feeling ultra-lazy, but learning how to actually build the chatbots is half the fun, so I didn’t get this module. I can imagine though, if you need to create a bunch of bots at speed this will become more useful.

ConversioBot Extreme is $67

This gives extra control over when the Chatbot comes to life, and lets you limit the number of times it’s seen by each visitor.

You can also get your chatbot to pop up if anyone goes to leave your page – just an extra opportunity to engage them?

Agency License is $287

This is where i’ll probably be heading in the future. I didn’t buy it at first show because I didn’t know how it would be an advantage to me. If you really want to invest in the future of chatbots and potentially use them to scale your business, this offer makes a lot of sense.

Once i’d watched the ConversioBot Masterclass video it all started to fall into place. Building a Chatbot Agency was the way to go. I’ll definitely be looking at this!

Main Menu
ConversioBot main menu on dashboard

Dashboard – The Home of ConversioBot

My Bots – List of Your Active Bots

ChatBot Templates – Free ChatBot Templates that you can use

ChatBot Training – Video Section Explaining How to Setup Your Chatbots

Advanced Training – More Advanced Video Training

Bonuses – Webinar Videos Dealing With Advanced ChatBot Techniques

Data and Analytics – Reporting Facility For your Chatbots, showing performance, goals reached, etc.

General Settings – Setup Of Market Automations, Webhooks, Branding and Language

VIP Support – 24 Hour Customer Support Form

My Profile – Password Management

Log Out
There is also a top menu which will give you alternative access via shortcuts to any upgraded options if they are available to you, depending on the Active Products you have.

ConversioBot has a template library of ready made bots you can use and modify

Here’s a sample of some of the bots included. Once inside, to Preview how it works in the program, click the ‘Preview’ option. If anyone wants to see a particular bot in action, just contact me.

To use and modify the template to suit your needs, just click the ‘Use Template’ option.

It will then be copied into the ‘My Bots’ area of your account where you can then customise it for your own use.

Preview of ConversioBot templates


ConversioBot Drag and Drop Builder View


Modification of the bot can then be done in the graphical editor (shown above). Building a bot is actually quite a simple matter of defining a bunch of functional modules and then joining them together to make the bot ‘flow’ from one module to the next.

The bots can ask questions, collect email addresses and names, provide links to files, redirect visitors, and do all the tedious things that you could automate in your business to help drive traffic and leads, sell affiliate items or just enhance user experience on your own site. The big benefit is, the bot works 24/7.

You can even embed bots in web pages (with ConversioBot Extreme) by using iframe code, provided when you set the chatbot up.

Instruction Set for a Block

This is how you construct the bots and define where the conversation goes. The user response button allows you to branch behaviour and ask questions. The response then re-routes the bot to the appropriate flow.

ConversioBot Instruction Set For A Chatbot Block


The Done For You Pro Upgrade

I purchased this as an extra and got access to another huge selection of templates that the people at ConversioBot have pre-designed.

This gets you another 80+ bots that you can modify for your own use, with examples. You can easily tweak them to suit. Here’s a selection for Health Care for example.

ConversioBots - Done for you bots examples


Training Videos are Included

Simon has created training videos for all of the major parts of the program, which I encourage anyone buying the program to watch before you go any further.

They’ll make things so much easier for you (although it really is all very intuitive anyway).

Masterclass Opportunity to set up a Chatbot Agency

Simon also has a webinar that showcases how to set up a complete ConversioBot Chatbot Agency business using all of the ‘done for you’ modules.

The ConversioBot Masterclass webinar is regularly broadcast to up to 200 people at a time, and when I watched it there were 195 people in the room with me, so it’s a business opportunity that a lot of people are looking at.

It seems that this Chatbot software is probably the easiest way people can break into this industry and get a chatbot agency set up for a cost of less than $300, with a website included, which is pretty phenomenal.

Will ConversioBot Work with my website?

ConversioBot works with many different website builders and platforms, including all of these, so you can integrate a chatbot pretty much anywhere you need one. If you have built your own website, you’ll be familiar with these names. If a web building company has built it for you, they’ll easily integrate it to your site.

Conversiobot works with the following website systems

Summary of the ConversioBot Chatbot System

I hope you can see how easy the chatbot software is to use from my ConversioBot review. It’s all very logical and I was able to create a lead gathering chatbot for this website in a couple of hours. The possibilities are endless really.

The only minor gripes I had was that some of the website screens on the ConversioBot site didn’t quite render correctly in my browser (Safari), but that’s only a small problem that can easily be overlooked, and in fact it’s been fixed now.

It also doesn’t really work in design mode from a phone or tablet, so you’ll need to run it from a full laptop or desktop computer. The bots however will run on all of these platforms with no problems.

The best way to experience the software is to watch the presentation videos here and see for yourself what is possible.

Try the bot on the bottom left of this post to learn more and see the ConversioBot in action, or view a full the paged bot here. You’ll be able to get money off that way too if you buy a copy.

After reading this Conversiobot Review, you’ll be able to design bots yourself that do similar or even more complex things very easily and if you’re looking to take it further and branch into creating bots for others, ConversioBot certainly looks like it can do the job for you and also help a lot with your initial setup and launch.

My ConversioBot Review rating is a 9/10

Recommendation : BUY IT !!


Here is what most people do next.








Overall Quality



  • Ease of Use
  • Great Training Videos
  • Flexibility / Customisable


  • No Facebook Bots (yet)

14 thoughts on “Conversiobot Chatbots Get You More Leads/Customers”

  1. This is interesting Dave. I have used them a fair bit. most government agencies have them on their websites. I thought chat bots were in the domain of the developers. The $27 Conversation Bot would be the one to play with before branching out into bigger and better things. 

    Good article with an excellent idea for something to experiment with during Covid.

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for your input. 

      I think the first time I started seeing chatbots was with logging on to my banking. I remember thinking to myself ‘Eee that’s clever’ when I could get answers from them without any further effort, but they still wouldn’t give me any extra money. 🙂

      The $27 bot was the one I was going to get, but because I have several different websites I bought the Pro version because it allowed multiple-site installation. The functionality is otherwise identical. 

      I think i’ll probably end up buying the Agency License later once I prove I have a market to sell to. I’ve already registered the domain name 🙂

      Let me know if you take the plunge.




  2. Wow, this is an in depth review of ConversioBot Chatbot System. I have never really given the chatbots that are available on some website any thought. I always assumed they were live, hence sometimes getting a message that the ofice is closed and you can post your question and they will respond to it later. 

    I did try the little chat box in the bottom right corner and was impressed by the quick responses and automated replies that one just had to select an answer. I did find though that I couldn’t deviate from the answers and put in my own. This is a fascinating concept that I will explore more.

    • Thanks, i’ve only just discovered this program but saw the potential in it straight away. Thanks for trying it out, it’s only really there to give an example of what it can do. The designs can get quite complex if you want or need them to. It’s quite easy to change a pre-defined answer set to a user input via text or other. You can even offer free gifts and downloads, or special promotions that aren’t generally available on your website ….. all the tricks are there to use.

      All very exciting for people like us!


  3. Thank for sharing this post on conversioBot. This was really educational. Asides building a chatbox agency, i wanted to ask, if i needed a chat on my website can this be used in building one. I wasn’t really sure of how to go about it. Kindly assist clarify this. How do i go about it, please?

    • Hi kaycee, thanks for your comments.

      Yes, of course. You don’t need to build a chatbot agency, you can just build chatbots for your own websites. The first step to that would be to get yourself access to the ConversioBot software in the review. Once you have access it’s all done online so there’s nothing to download or anything.

      Once you have access, the excellent help videos will guide you through setting up your chatbot and deploying it to your site. There’s no limit to the amount of chatbots you can create for your sites.


  4. Wow, this is very nice. I’m happy to learn about this bot and about how the chatbot as a whole is a big wave that is hitting the industry by storm. I really have seen some interesting chatbot on Facebook. Even telegram and WhatsApp have integrated the whole idea which is helping most businesses. I’m happy with this good breakdown and I’d like to give this one a try too.

    • Hi Payton,

      The whole chatbot industry is exploding at the moment. ConversioBot has chatbots in beta for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp which are due to be released soon. These will be added to the available bots you’ll be able to deploy.

      All you have to do is get yourself access to the software and go from there. Simon’s help videos will guide you through everything you need to know to make your chatbot successful.


  5. Well! Very good review you have here and you seem to have supplied all the information about this conversiobot. Well! On a personal note, I do not think I want to get into something like this. You see,I do not like all these kinds of bots and seeing something like this here would really make it all a lot easier and thank you for sharing all these here. Thumbs up to you

    • Hi Sherry, thanks for your honest opinion.

      Chatbots aren’t for everybody and if as a website author you don’t like chatbots then they’re probably not going to work for you. 


  6. Hello there, I ma really pleased with the details of this article and I must say that with some more of this similar idea coming from another site, online businesses are bound to grow up really fast, because the we would be many more people who would be willing to make the most of this given opportunity actually. My friends would love to see this article, cheers 

    • Hi Bella,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the technology is taking off really fast and the chatbots can be as simple or as complex as your imagination allows. Please feel free to pass on the link to this review to anyone you think might benefit from it.


  7. I have noted Chatbots springing up all over the internet. From my Bank to any blog I visit. And I have come to realize they are here to stay and they offer real solutions. I’m glad to learn that I can integrate a Chatbot with my Email AutoResponder. I have been growing my email list, and this would help a lot.

    • Hi Ann, great to hear from you.

      The role of the chatbot is growing, as industries realise that they have much greater ‘gathering potential’ than a standard flat response form (and less boring). You can branch a conversation depending on response, and get the customer the answers that they need.

      The integration with autoresponders is very strong and simple to set up in ConversioBot. All you need is the name of the list and to link your field names for email/name.

      If you are interested, the cheapest package will allow you to build as many bots as you like and learn a new skill, if nothing else.

      Hope this helps,



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